As human beings

it is in out very nature

to understand the things around us

to understand what we can and cannot ever understand

We want to understand things we can’t even comprehend

because not knowing and not understanding

kills us more than anything

and we can’t help ourselves

It’s a sense of control

that’s why we need to know

that’s why we need to understand

what we can and cannot control

Understand why a college student decides

to not wear a seat belt

and to drive off the side of the road

speeding towards their demons

to understand why another student

decided to lay in their car

and let the gas fill it to the brim

so that they can fall peacefully sleep

or to understand why someone who you

connected with more than anyone

would one day decide to be so uncomfortable

they can’t be in the same room as you

there are many other things to understand

why your grandmother dies,

why people drink to get drunk or do drugs

or why no matter how much good you do

you’re still a bad person

I don’t understand any of these things

but I would like to

and until I do

I guess I’ll just keeping going on through life

finding even more things I couldn’t possible understand

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