I could feel it circling around me

It placed its cold long hands around my neck

It squeezed placing all of its anger into it

I could feel the darkness escaping me

Feeling everything else go dark around me

And the worst part of it was

I didn’t put up a fight

It was as if I was walking towards a cliff side

With a stranger that was familiar to me

Walked slowly up behind me

I could hear the sound of a hollow loop begin to form

The loop gently caressing the skin under my chin

Placing itself gently on my shoulders

Like a good friend placing their hand to comfort you

The loop rested their and made me do all the work

I walked it closer to the edge as it continued to follow me

Standing on my shoulders

Keeping me company

Telling me it wasn’t going anywhere

I stepped towards the edge of the cliff

Stopping just as I got there

My toes beginning to slip under the sharp rocks under my feet

The loop tightening telling me to keep going

That everything will be fine

I took that step closing my eyes

Taking that leap of faith

Thinking that the stranger would hold on tight

I feel deep down

The loop on my shoulders getting tighter and tighter

It caught me once, but after it got too much

The loop snapped and dropped me far below

I landed on a bed of flowers

The thorns pricking my skin

Leaving the pale white buds soaked with red

I’d like to say this was the first time it’s happened

But it’s not and probably won’t be the last

So I’m going to continue to lay here

Thinking of that kind stranger

Who did everything they could to catch me

But I wasn’t strong enough to each for their hand

Now the only friend I have are the thorns around me

This is the life I live

I rub my neck and think back to the friend I once have

Missing it more than anything

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