Stand up to the light

Stand up to the light

We are surrounded by darkness

It encircles us and chokes us

Until we can’t breathe

Or even move

We try to fight it off

But with no one around us

It just keeps coming at us

Until it wins

It’s this darkness that becomes our only friend

It takes away our hope

Everything that makes us unique

Everything that makes us… us

We eventually fall to our knees

We beg for it to stop

We begin to fade out

When it stands right in front of us

A bright light

That feels warm on our skin

Makes us feel one more ounce of hope

Only to have the darkness take it away

We use that hope to try and stand

Reach the light so it can protect us

And take us to another place

So we use every once of strength we have

To fight the darkness and go to the light

The first time it happens we’re more hopeful then anything

We stand up and fight with everything we have

We tell ourselves we need to reach the light

But even if we can break free it doesn’t matter

Once we reach the light it fades away

It disappears from our very eyes

Only to allow the darkness to surround us again

Sucking away our remaining hope

The light comes again

And again and again

Each time we believe in it

We have hope this time will be different

Why do we always trust the light

Why do we convince our self this time will be different

What is it about the light that we forgive it so easily

And go towards it every time

Because it gives us faith

Faith not that it will protect us

Not that it will make us better

But that it will be better than the darkness

That is always around us

The light can be a beacon

A beacon that guides us to who we really are

It’s not there for us to move towards us

It’s there to show us the darkness

It allows us to stand up and fight the darkness

Not so we can move towards it

But so that we can find our own way

So that we can become a better person

So stand up to the light

Allow it to help us

Allow it to guide us

No matter how much it can hurt

Trust that it will always show you the way

Believe that this time will be different

No matter what

And maybe one day

The light will create a new path towards it

And allow us into its embrace

I trust the light to help me

I trust it to guide me

I believe it will make me better

I believe it will make me stronger

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