Who am I to anyone

Who am I to anyone

Am I a good person

Am I bad person

Most days I have no idea

Most days it’s hard to tell

If I am a good person

Then why do I do everything right

And I do everything that I possibly can

And still end up in last place

What is it about me that makes me good

What is it about me that makes me bad

Why is it so hard to have people see me as good

When all I end up being is bad

Bad for myself

Bad for you

Bad for the people around me

Bad for everyone

Is it because I feel completely alone

Not having anyone by myside

Who will look after me

Just as I look after them

I’ve heard the speech time and time again

I’ve given it once or twice before

“Don’t worry, you’ll find someone, I know it”

Every time the words come out of my mouth

They instantly come true

But not for me

Never for me

Just when I feel like they’ve come true

Despite my better judgement

And all my past experience

And everything inside me

I give it my all

I trust the words

Because I feel this time will be different

But no matter how hard I try

Or how much I want it

Or how much I think this time will be different

I’m left feeling empty

I’m left feeling hopeless

I’m left feeling hurt

And I’m left feeling alone

Maybe this is how it’s supposed to be

Needed and never wanted

The one who’s always thought of when sadness hits

And never when happiness flows

This is my life

A constant reminder

That no matter the person

No matter the time

And no matter how hard I want it

No matter how hard I need it

I will be alone in the end

And that’s just a fact

That I will have to live with

Is this truly all there is

Me ending up as the bad person

Who has never felt loved

Or really even wanted

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