To the future and its glory

To the future and its glory

You walk to the kitchen table

There’s a glass on the table with a napkin underneath

The glass is waiting for you

On the side it has its name monogramed on it

Etched into the glass for all to see forever

You stand there staring down at the glass

You may be along

Or you may be surrounded by your closest friends or family

Or you may be surrounded but feel completely alone

In any case let’s toast the glass

What’s in your glass

The fear of death

The fear of pain and rejection

The outcries of a notion falling apart

Hope for tomorrow

Faith that everything will be okay

Willpower to move on

Courage to stand up

I’ll tell you what’s in my glass



And loss

The possibility of doing something good

The possibility of doing something wrong

The possibility that I might not be here tomorrow

And the possibility that I won’t be able to finish this glass

The uncertainty of not knowing what’s going to happen

The uncertainty of whether life will go on

The uncertainty that nothing I do will matter

The uncertainty of my own self on any given day

The loss of the ones I’ve held dear

The loss of my own emotions and feelings

The loss of myself

The loss of knowing who I am

But I’ll tell you this as well

Even after pouring all of that into my glass

It only fills it half full leaving the glass half empty

So I continue pouring

I pour in patience


And all the gains

I’ve achieved in life

Patience to be calm and know what to do

The patience to act when the time is right

The patience the help those that I can

And the patience to allow those who can help me

The bravery I hold onto when I get out of bed every morning

The bravery I have when I stand up for what I believe in

The bravery to admit the difference between what I can and can’t do

The bravery to continue on into tomorrow and finish this glass

The gains I’ve earned for just being alive

The gains I’ve earned from the people who’ve come and gone

The gains I’ve gathered through the lessons I’ve learned

The gains I have in me that I have yet realized

All of these things fill my glass the brim

I pick the glass up as carefully as I can, not to spill a single drop

I raise it into the air until I can see the shiny bottom or the past I’ve created

I raise it high, look straight, and I toast

I toast for the people whose glasses are empty

I toast for those whose glasses are half empty

For those whose are half full

And for those whose are filled to the brim

I toast to those who can’t toast themselves

To those who are still afraid to toast themselves

I toast to those who been in my life

And I toast to those who have yet entered my life

I toast into tomorrow

Knowing that I will be alive to see it

I toast to the daily struggles we all have

I toast to the world around me

I toast

To the future and its glory

The glory of knowing that whatever tomorrow brings

I’ll have my glass with me

Filled with the things that make up who I am

Filled with the things I want to change

Filled with everything that I hold onto

Filled with everything that means anything to me

Filled with the knowledge of moving on

Of continuing to walk this world

Of knowing that tomorrow will be there

And I will be there to see

So toast to the future

Toast to its glory

The glory of making tomorrow better than today

The glory of knowing that you did something to change the world

For the better of everyone

But more importantly

Toast to yourself

Toast for those around you

And when you drink your glass

Let it fill you up, just as you did it

And then pour yourself another glass

Because the future is always waiting

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