Walking in the dark

Blindfolded from everything around me

Seeking a light that I don’t even know is there

Hoping I don’t trip on the way there

Always wanting to find the good in the dark

But the lights just become even more dim

As I search for something

Something I’ve always wanted but could never find

I walk in the dark

Muffled by all the sound around me

Not hearing the words of those near me

Just the words I tell myself

The words that it’ll never happened

The words that tell me I’m lost and don’t know what to do

The words that tell me I’ll be walking in the dark

Alone until I find some kind of light

I walk in the dark

Not knowing what the light looks like

Just having an idea in my head

Not knowing if I’d even recognize it if I saw it

I’m lost in my own mind

Searching for something

Something that’s out there

While I stand blindfolded and muffled

By all that’s around me

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