Letting go

Letting go

(In continuation with let go)

Letting go is the hardest thing anyone can do

Having the power to hold onto something so dear; so precious

And to hold onto it with everything you have

Only to release everything and let it go

We do it everyday

When we wake up in the morning

We hold onto our dreams and when we get out of bed

We let all of them go and hope we get to see them again

We sit down together

Our bodies face each other

As I reach my hand out

And ask you to take it

I ask you to squeeze it as tight as you can

And once you start squeezing I ask you to squeeze it tighter

Put everything you have into squeezing my hand

Squeeze it until you can feel my pulse run through your hand

Squeeze it until you can feel my blood begin to become warm under your skin

And once you think you can’t squeeze any tighter continue squeezing

You should be able to feel the fragile pieces of bond in your hand

You should feel the power you have being able to break my hand if you wanted to

Keep squeezing

And keep it like that

You might not think your strong enough to hold on

That you’ll have to let go at any moment

But now I tell you that holding onto my hand

Is the most important thing you could be doing right now

Think about everyone you’ve lost

Think about everything they ever did for you

Think about what you would do if you could just hold on to them for another second

Treat my hand like their hand

Hold on to me like you would hold on to theirs

Put all of your anger you have into my hand

Out all of your emotions into my hand

And keep squeezing

Squeezing even tighter and tighter

Squeeze like your life depended on it

Squeeze like my life depended on it

Now close your eyes

Think of all the memories you’ve had

All the good ones

All the bad ones

And keep squeezing

Feel everything around you

Fell everything you hold dear

And don’t let go

Keep holding on

Thinking about the things you regret

The things you want to change

The people you want to see again

Think of it all

Let everything come out of you

And into the power you hold onto right now

Let everything fill you up and become you

Let everything take over

Squeeze more and more

Tighter and tighter

Don’t let go

You can’t

Or you’ll lose everything

Think about everything you fear

Think about the worst memories you have

And now with everything in your mind

With everything riding on to you holding onto my hand

Let go

Just like that

Let go of my hand

Release it and be free of everything

You’ve held on to

It’s not easy letting go

It never is

But it’s something we all have to do

For it’s how we move on with our lives

We let go of all of our fears

Of our regrets

Of the ones we’ve lost

And of the one’s we still have

But why do we let go

We let go because it’s what we have to do

If we hold onto everything we pick up

We’ll never be able to hold onto anything else

Or move on

When you’re holding a cup of water

And you want to pick up your food

The first thing you have to do

Is let go of the cup of water

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