Breathe in

Breathe out

And that’s it

That’s the secret

That’s all you have to do

That’s all it takes

To get through

Anything you can think of

Just breathe

As long as your draw breathe

As long as you continue to breathe

Than tomorrow will always come

And you will survive to see it

It doesn’t matter how hard things get

It doesn’t matter what happens to you

Yesterday, today, or tomorrow

Just keep breathing

And you will make it through the day

That’s the only secret worth knowing

And that’s all it takes

Just keep breathing

Breathe until you can’t anymore

Breath until it fills you up to the brim

And causes you to keep on living

It’s one of the only things no one can take from you

No matter how many people punch you or kick you

No matter how many people try to keep your mouth shut

No matter how many people try to drown you out

Just keep breathing

Until you have only one last breath left in you

And even in that moment

Use it to prove all of them wrong

Breathe in

Breathe out

You’re going to be just fine

Just keep breathing


About tothefutureanditsglory

I'm a freshman at champlain college and I'm a computer and digital forensics major. Despite that being my major one of my greatest passions in life is writing. I love putting my thoughts and ideas down on paper.
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