You once asked me what I want more than anything

The unfortunate part is you can’t give me what I want

What I want is to be done

Done with being sorry

For as long as I can remember I was always the one to apologize

If I hurt someone; apologize

If someone’s feelings were hurt; I should apologize

If someone was going through hard times; I apologize

But no one ever apologized to me

Not when it was sincere

Not when they were the one causing the pain

Not when I was humiliated







Ganged up on

No one ever apologized

That’s what I want

Someone to say that they are truly and sincerely sorry

When I’m broken; don’t worry it’s just him

When I’m hurt; don’t worry he probably deserved it

When I’m depressed; don’t worry, he doesn’t know what depression is

No one ever understood it

It seemed like no one cared

I understand why people get angry

Do things that are rash

All they want is for someone to say sorry

Sorry that they hurt you

But it’s me, so why should anyone care

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