Knock Knock

Knock knock

Knock knock

I hear the sound of your knuckles cracking against the door

I look out the window of my tiny little home

I see you standing there wondering where I am

I walk slowly to the door

I take a deep breath wondering what I should do

My hand moves over the cracks and splinters that fill the door

The warn out wood given way to my gentle touch

A splinter pricks my finger staining the door ever more

My hand reaches for the first lock on the door

My pulse begins to jump through my body

From my lungs to my legs to my stomach to my heart

The thought of it happening again fills my mind

Not knowing how much more this door could take

Not knowing how fragile my tiny house is

Not knowing if the walls around me can hold it up much more

Not knowing if I should let you in like the others

Despite the past telling me so

And hope for a better future pushing me forward

I move my hand to the lock

Click, click, click go the locks

The door squeaks open

The sound echoing through my ears

I see you standing there smiling at me

I put on the best smile I can possibly fake

And I let you inside

Once inside you take a good look around

You see the stains on the floor

The mess on the furniture

The bleakness on the walls

And despite all of that

Your smile still remains

Your laugh fills the halls

Your presence lightens the place up

I begin to wonder how this all happened

An unexpected surprise

That turns my fake smile

Into a beaming and bright one

You fill the space like no one has before

Your presence changes the demeanor

Changes the way the walls look

And the way the floor shines

You look around and you see all the luggage sitting around

All the baggage that’s been packed

That clutters the space

And you continue to smile

Before I know it

The luggage seems to disappear a little

The baggage seems less heavy

Less daunting

All of the sudden

Something new appears in the house

A small red button

That reads “Start over” shows itself

I walk over to it

Not knowing what to do

Never seeing it before

As you walk over with me

You place your hand on the button and ask for mine

Without even hesitating I give you my hand

And together our hands clasp over the button

And push

In an instant the house I’ve lived in for so long is gone

No more stains

No more splinters

No more cracks

Instead I see an open field

Feel the warm sun shunning on my face

The wet grass beneath my feet

And taste the fresh air in my lungs

I pick up a shovel and place it in the ground

It’s time to build a new home

One I can be proud of

And maybe you along with all the others who’ve knocked before

Can help build a better home

For a better me


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