Some of us pray on our knees

Some sing hymns to their lord and savior

While others belt out as loud as they can

And shout to the heavens

To their god or gods

This can take many forms

Some people take it literally

Where they stand outside in the pouring rain

And they scream at the top of their lungs into the heavens

Some shout through a microphone

Hoping that their many fans hear them and see them for who they really are

Only that for some of them they aren’t singing to their fans

Their singing their prayers to their god

For me

My praying takes the form of blue and black

Of ones and zeros

This is where I do my praying

This is where I shout to the heavens

Hoping someone will hear

Whether it be a god or gods

Whether it be the universe itself

Or whether it be someone I know

Or even someone I don’t

We all pray

We all speak our mind

We all have a relationship with God

Whether the relationship is we don’t like Them

We all pray

Sometimes when we need to be heard the most

When your brother is lying in a hospital bed not able to wake up

Or your friend ends their life and you feel lost

This is a time you pray

But also when you need a guiding light

When everything else seems dark

And lost

You pray when you desperately want to help someone

But you don’t know what to say or do

We feel the most vulnerable and weak

When we feel the most hopeless

So that’s why we pray

We pray to gain some kind of hope

So that’s what I’m doing here right now

I’m writing out my prayers

So maybe He will read them

And shine some light

We all pray

We all hope for change

We all do our best to live our lives

The best we can

This is where I pray

This is where I write out my life

This is where I write out my thoughts

This is where I make my bible

The bible I read out everyday

Hoping to gain some kind of knowledge

Of who I really am

This is how I pray

I hope You’re listening

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