The final end

This is going to be the series of pages where I will be posting my new online series. On this page you will find a synopsis of the series and through time you will find above on the menu bar the episodes that I will post. The pilot episode will be coming out soon, but for now here is the synopsis.I hope you enjoy it.

The final end


The year is 3030 and the world is in chaos. By the year 3000 every country was fighting each other for some purpose that now means nothing. In the year 3015 most of the leaders of our planet and their high ranks decided to leave the planet and go to a new world. Scientists had discovered several new planets that would support human life, and the best part is that most of them were inhabited. After Earth’s leaders left us here to fight and die for the rest of our lives they started a new life. Now the year is 3030 and there are few that remain. Most of the people who were left on the planet aren’t even aware that most of the planet has left, so they still continue to fight even though there will be no winner. Earth is now a wasteland, but there is still hope at a utopia for some of them.



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